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Rapid Dictionary
show favor ​
show favour ​
show fight ​
show flag ​
showgirl ​
show gratitude ​
showily ​
show in ​
showiness ​
showing ​
showing a lack of judgment or experience ​
showing body contours ​
showing childlike innocence ​
showing effects of much strong drink ​
showing favouritism ​
showing figure ​
showing ignorance of the laws of nature and faith in magic or chance ​
showing integrity ​
showing off ​
showing off ​
showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing ​
showing promise ​
showing shifting colours ​
showing the bride ​
showing the way ​
showing the white feather ​
showing up ​
show itself ​
show kindliness ​
showman ​
showmanship ​
show mercy ​
shown ​
show off ​
showoff ​
show-off ​
show off proudly ​
show one's heels ​
show one's teeth ​
show organizer ​
show out ​
show partiality ​
show performer ​
showpiece ​
show pity to ​
showplace ​
show regard ​
showroom ​
show sympathy ​
show symptoms ​
show tenderness ​
show the door ​
show the gate to ​
show the light ​
show the way ​
show the weakness in ​
show the wrong way ​
showtime ​
show to be similar ​
show to be true or truthful ​
show up ​
Visual Thesaurus


 show favour ​v ​


favoured, favouring, favours.


accommodate, aid, approve, be behind, bless, boon, encourage, favour, help, indulge, oblige, patronize, promote, recommend, show favor, show favour, tend.

Similar Concepts

be kind, cooperate, curry favour, give help, grant a boon, kind attitude, like, partiality, patronize.

Opposite Concepts

cause harm, disagree, dislike, disserve.


 अनुग्रह करना ​क्रि ​


अनुग्रह करना, अनुग्रहीत करना, इनायत करना, करम फ़रमाना, काम आना, कृपा करना, दयादृष्टि डालना, नज़रे करम करना, नवाज़ना, पनपाना, पसंद करना, बढ़ाना, मदद करना, सहायता करना.

Similar Concepts

अनुग्रह जीतना, दया करना, दयादृष्टि, पक्षपात, पसंद करना, वरदान देना, सरपरस्ती करना, सहयोग करना, सहायता करना.

Opposite Concepts

अपकार करना, असहमत होना, अहित करना, नापसंद करना.

Hindi (Roman Script)

 anugrahakaranA ​


anugrahItakaranA, anugrahakaranA, baDh.AnA, dayAdrishTiDAlanA, inAyatakaranA, kAmaAnA, kripAkaranA, karamaph.aramAnA, madadakaranA, navAj.anA, nazarekaramakaranA, panapAnA, pasandakaranA, sahAyatAkaranA.

Similar Concepts

dayAdrishTi, dayAkaranA, anugrahajItanA, pakshapAta, pasandakaranA, sahayogakaranA, sahAyatAkaranA, saraparastIkaranA, varadAnadenA.

Opposite Concepts

ahitakaranA, nApasandakaranA, apakArakaranA, asahamatahonA.

'Similar Concepts' and 'Opposite Concepts' have been given as suggestions only.
They may not appear independently in your Arvind Lexicon (Online Dictionary & Thesaurus) Edition.