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Rapid Dictionary
the crease at the junction of the inner part of the thigh with the trunk together with the adjacent region and often including the external genitals ​
the Creation ​
the creation of works of beauty ​
the Creator ​
the Cross ​
the curse ​
the dance of death ​
the day to celebrate India's becoming a republic ​
the dead body of a human being ​
the dead body of an animal ​
the deep end ​
the degree of clarity with which an eye or optical instrument produces an image ​
the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity) ​
the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons ​
the departed ​
the department of a publishing business that edits material for publication ​
the depression between a woman's breasts especially when made visible by a low-cut neckline ​
the depression in the surface of the abdomen where the umbilical cord was connected with the foetus ​
the desk ​
the desscription of a thing or building’s location ​
the Destroyer ​
the devil ​
the devil and all ​
the discharge of urine ​
the disposition and habits of a gourmand ​
the distance from head to foot of a standing person) ​
the distance from the bottom to the top of something standing upright - the extent of elevation above a level - the condition of being tall or high ​
the divine 7-headed horse - it was gained from the great churning of the sea ​
the Divine Author ​
the Divinity ​
the drink ​
thee ​
the earth ​
the edge of a woman's garment at or below the neck ​
the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species in the subgenus Idaeobatus of the genus Rubus ​
the edible seed of pine ​
the edible white meat of a coconut ​
the elect ​
the elimination of fecal waste through the anus ​
the end ​
the energy released by a nuclear reaction ​
the Enlightened ​
the Enlightenment ​
the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries - an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet ​
Theerthankar ​
the essence that makes something the kind of thing it is and makes it different from any other ​
the Establishment ​
the Eternal ​
the eunuch ​
the Everlasting ​
the execution of public affairs ​
the exercise of self constraint in sexual matters ​
the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before ​
the exploited ​
the exploiters ​
the exterior covering of a bird's egg ​
the exterior surface and its supporting structures on the top of a building ​
the extreme end of something - especially something pointed ​
the eye ​
the face that launched a thousand ships ​
the fact of being extinct or the process of becoming extinct - going out of exixtence (especially of a species) ​
the faculty by which external objects are perceived through eyes ​
the faculty by which external objects or forces are perceived through contact with the body (especially the hands) ​
the faculty by which scents are perceived through the nose ​
the faculty by which sound is perceived through the ear ​
the facutly of knowing as distinguished from the power to feel and to will - the capacity for knowledge ​
the Faith ​
the faithful ​
the far distant past ​
the fatty network of connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones ​
the fatty portion of milk, separating as a soft whitish or yellowish solid when milk or cream is agitated or churned ​
the feeling of being bored by something tedious ​
the female ovule-bearing part of a flower composed of ovary and style and stigma ​
the female reproductive cell - the female gamete ​
the festival of tying rakhi to a brother ​
the few ​
the final part of a period of time, place, event, activity or story ​
the First Cause ​
the first Daitya ​
the first day of the year ​
the first element of Christian Trinity ​
the first epic ​
the first Muslim ​
the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface ​
the first poet ​
the first Ved ​
the Fish ​
the five ​
the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs ​
the flower of a chrysanthemum plant ​
the Flowery Kingdom ​
the fluid (red in vertebrates) that is pumped through the body by the heart and contains plasma, blood cells, and platelets ​
the food eaten by a person at one time ​
the force by which one object attracts another - the act power or quality of attracting ​
the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass ​
the formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife ​
Visual Thesaurus


 the Creation ​n ​




(the world and all things in it - as supposed to be created by a God or some other supernatural being. ), Creation, everything that exists anywhere, heavens, the Creation, universe.

Similar Concepts

animate and inanimate world, Creation, Creation and Annihilation, Creator, earth, Genesis, realm, universe.


 सृष्टि ​सं ​


सृष्टियाँ, सृष्टियोँ, सृष्टियों.


(किसी ईश्वर या अन्य दैवी शक्ति द्वारा सृष्ट संपूर्ण संसार और उस मेँ स्थित सभी पदार्थ और जीव), अधिलोक, अभिसर्ग, आलम, ईश्वरीय सृष्टि, कृति, ख़ल्क़, ख़ुदाई, ख़ुदा का कारख़ाना, ख़ुदा की क़ुदरत, दिव्य पुंज, निसर्ग, प्रपंच, मख़लूक़, यूनिवर्स, लोक, संसृति, संसृष्टि, सरिश्त, सर्ग, सृष्टि.

Similar Concepts

जैव अजैव जगत, पृथ्वी, ब्रह्मांड, लोक, सृष्टिकाल, सृष्टि रचना, सृष्टि रचना और प्रलय, सृष्टि रचेता.

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