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Rapid Dictionary
maker ​
maker and/or pedler of bangles ​
make ready ​
make red lights flash ​
make reference to ​
make reparations ​
make reparations for ​
make reprisal ​
make restoration ​
make rich ​
maker of arms ​
maker of festive sound ​
maker of gold ornaments ​
maker of verses ​
make room for ​
make sad ​
make sail ​
make salable ​
make satisfactory amends ​
make secure ​
make sense of ​
make sexual overtures ​
make shapeless ​
make sharp ​
make sheep's eyes at ​
make shift ​
makeshift ​
makeshift arrangement ​
makeshift device ​
makeshift piece ​
make short shrift of ​
make short work of ​
make sick ​
make sign ​
make silent ​
make sit ​
make slighting reference to ​
make small ​
make smooth ​
make soft ​
make someone bored ​
make someone's acquaintance ​
make someone see the light ​
make someone's flesh crawl ​
make someone's mouth water ​
make sound ​
make sound(s) ​
make sound like waves ​
make sounds similar to gurgling water ​
make spacious ​
make specially ​
make steady progress ​
make straight ​
make strides ​
make strong ​
make sulky ​
make sure ​
make sure of ​
make susceptible ​
make sweet ​
make talk ​
make tall claims ​
make tender ​
make terms ​
make the best of ​
make the best of one's time ​
make the best use of an opportunity ​
make the cross sign ​
make the dust fly ​
Visual Thesaurus


 maker ​n ​




architect, author, builder, creator, designer, father, inventor, maker, originator, producer, wright.

Similar Concepts

architect, craftsman, created piece, creator, house-builder, inventor, making, procreator, producer, shaper.

Opposite Concepts

breaker, demolisher, devastator.


 निर्माता ​सं ​


निर्माताओँ, निर्माताओं.


आदि कर्ता, कर्ता, कर्ता [कर्त्री], कर्मी, कल्पक, कृति कर्ता, गढ़ैया, निर्माण कर्ता, निर्माता, निर्माता [निर्मात्री], बनाने वाला, बनावनहार, बनावनहारा [बनावनहारी], मेमार, रचयिता [रचयित्री], रचेता, विधाता, विनिर्माता, शिल्पी, सिरजनहार, सिरजनहारा [सिरजनहारी], स्थपति, स्रष्टा.

Similar Concepts

आविष्कर्ता, उत्पादन कर्ता, कृति, गढ़ने वाला, जनयिता, निर्माण, भवन निर्माता, शिल्पकार, स्थपति, स्रष्टा.

Opposite Concepts

ढहाने वाला, भंजक, विनाश कर्ता.

'Similar Concepts' and 'Opposite Concepts' have been given as suggestions only.
They may not appear independently in your Arvind Lexicon (Online Dictionary & Thesaurus) Edition.