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Rapid Dictionary
activeness ​
active organs ​
active partisan ​
active sense(s) ​
active senses ​
active supporter ​
active worker ​
activism ​
activist ​
activistic ​
activities ​
activity ​
activity in which one engages or is employed for a living ​
activize ​
activizer ​
act jointly ​
act methodlessly ​
act of abetting or inciting another to commit a crime ​
act of arresting ​
act of barbering ​
act of beautification ​
act of being born ​
act of bragging ​
act of carving ​
act of censuring ​
act of cooking ​
act of cooling ​
act of counting ​
act of covering ​
act of dancing ​
act of demandiing ​
act of devotion ​
act of drawing near ​
act of drinking ​
act of driving ​
act of dry swallowing ​
act of eating ​
act of engraving ​
act of escaping ​
act of floating ​
act of fluttering ​
act of following ​
act of freezing ​
act of God ​
act of groveling ​
act of grovelling ​
act of heating ​
act of inserting ​
act of insulting ​
act of introducing a method or something new and that method or thing thus introduced ​
act of kindness ​
act of knowing ​
act of law ​
act of multiplying ​
act of offering something to a deity in propitiation or homage - especially the ritual slaughter of an animal or a person ​
act of opening (as a bud into flower) ​
act of orbiting ​
act of overbrimming ​
act of painting ​
act of piercing ​
act of politeness ​
act of providing electricity ​
act of publishing ​
act of reciting memorized materials in a public performance ​
act of remembering ​
act of rescuing from danger ​
act of retreat ​
act of riding - not walking ​
act of running ​
act of saying ​
act of shielding ​
act of showing ​
act of sleeping ​
act of snatching ​
act of sparking ​
act of strolling ​
Visual Thesaurus


 activeness ​n ​


activeness, activism, activity, alertness, aliveness, animation, astirness, brio, bustling, dash, drive, dynamism, elan, enterprise, enthusiasm, exercise, functioning, industry, initiative, intentness, liveliness, liveness, mobility, overdrive, proactiveness, push, smartness, spirit, spryness, to-do, verve, vibrancy, vigorousness, vitality, vivacity.

Similar Concepts

activity, act of running, agility, enthusiasm, excitedness, hustle bustle, industriousness, proactivism, promptness, speediness, state of being busy, vital force.

Opposite Concepts

delay, hibernation, holiday, inactivity, relaxation, stoppage, time-killing.


 सक्रियता ​सं ​


सक्रियताएँ, सक्रियताओँ, सक्रियताओं.


कर्मण्यता, कर्मशीलता, क्रियता, क्रिया, क्रियाशीलता, गति, गतिकता, गतिपूर्णता, गतियुक्तता, गतिविधिपूर्णता, गतिशीलता, चंचलता, चरता, चलता, चलिष्णुता, चेतनता, चेतना, जीवंतता, प्राण, रवानी, संचलता, सक्रियता, सचलता, सचेतता, सचेतना, सचेष्टता, सजीवता, सरगर्मी, हरकत, हरारत, हलचल.

Similar Concepts

अग्रसक्रियता, अविलंबता, उत्तेजितता, उत्साह, गतिविधि, चहलपहल, चुस्ती, दौड़ना कर्म, द्रुतता, परिश्रमशीलता, प्राणशक्ति, व्यस्तता.

Opposite Concepts

अवकाश दिवस, जैव अक्रिया, निष्क्रियता, विराम, विलंब, विश्राम, समय की बरबादी.

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They may not appear independently in your Arvind Lexicon (Online Dictionary & Thesaurus) Edition.